Wesmat Supplies is Western Canada's biggest supplier of non-silica blasting abrasives and equipment.

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Blending Options

Wesmat has the capability of blending any and all of our abrasives to customer’s specifications in any packaging needed. On some critical products, Wesmat is one of very few vendors that is certified to blend these products.

Water Filtration

100% Recycled Glass

Vitroclear recycled glass is a direct replacement for silica sand. Using our proprietary milling technology, we remove contaminates to produce a clean, high quality filter media. Vitroclear offers you the safest, most reliable and cost effective way to upgrade your sand filter system.

Safe & Easy to Use

Vitroclear installs in any standard sand media filter. No sharp edges or hazardous crystalline silica dust. We recommend the use of Vitroclear Pebble in the bottom of the filter to cover the laterals. This is critical, especially on larger filters to insure proper diffusion and flow.

Longer Lasting

Vitroclear lasts 50% longer than typical silica sand. Doesn’t clump or channel like silica sand – 100% of the filter bed fluidizes for the life of the media. Does not require a special ‘recharging’ regime, like zeolite products.

Dramatic Improvement in Water Quality

Pool owners quickly see the difference in water clarity. Vitroclear filters substantially better than sand or zeolite. DE quality down to 5 microns without the hassle of DE.

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